May 16, 2013

Whatever is Lovelier

Confession: Today is my thirty-fifth birthday.  This seems a big deal, a milestone year, even though it really isn't much different than thirty-four.  Maybe it's because I am a single girl and life isn't that much different today than when I was twenty-five.  I am still happiest reading, playing with my dog, and traveling.  Maybe it's time to shake things up a little.

Confession:  By nature, I have always been a glass half-empty kind of girl.  I don't like that about myself, and figure no time is better than now to make a change.  Starting this blog is my first step in being more positive and looking for the beauty in the ordinary.  Each post will focus on a new experience of everyday beauty, a positive change I've made in my life, or a reflection of gratitude.

I recently stumbled upon the verse Philippians 4:8.  The phrase "whatever is lovely" touched my heart.  This is what I have been looking for, a new philosophy.  I want to make the 'lovelier' choice for myself.  Instead of just dieting, I want to stop and think about the food I put in my body, where it comes from and what it will do for me.  I want to get out and learn more about my community, and meet the people who make it special.  I want to finish all those new-house projects on my list, and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience of being a first-time home owner.  I want to try new things that have scared me, like wearing skinny jeans or making jam.  I tried the skinny jeans, and yes, I have been missing out!! 

I am ready to choose Whatever is Lovelier.  I'd love to have you along on this adventure, if you'd like to join me!

Yours, Kristen

"...whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy- think about such things."

Philippians 4:8

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