June 04, 2013

Allow Me To Introduce Emmie

Cute Dog

This little ball of fluff is Emmie, and she is the first pet I've ever had.  I got her when she was a year old from the Arizona Humane Society.  I had some reservations about getting a dog, I wasn't quite sure what I was getting myself into and was really scared to make such a big commitment.  After playing with her at the shelter, she wrapped her little paws around me when they came to take her back to her kennel.  That was the sign I needed that this was the right path for me.  Emmie came home with me that day and the rest is history!  When I am scared to make a big decision, I look at her sweet little face and she reminds me that sometimes you have to take a big risk to get rewarded.  You'll be seeing more of Emmie in future posts on the blog.

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