June 23, 2013

If You Can't Find It, Make It

I have been on the hunt for the perfect turquoise and coral bracelet for months.  I wanted something simple, but it had to have the right colors to go with the other bracelets I'm wearing this summer.  I finally gave up the search and decided to make my own bracelet.  I made a trip to Michaels and sure enough, they had just the colors I wanted.  I also purchased some small gold beads to act as spacers and some thin elastic cord. 


I threaded ten turquoise beads onto the elastic, then two gold, followed by five coral beads.  I repeated the gold and turquoise pattern on the opposite side of the coral beads.  Then I knotted the ends togehter.  Just a few minutes and I had just the color combination I wanted.  Now my arm party is complete!


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