July 05, 2013

My Picks For The Best Summer Skin

Here are the skin care products I am loving this summer:

1.  I start each morning washing my face with Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash.  This cleanser has a nice minty smell and leaves my skin literally squeaky clean.  It also helps keep away excess oil throughout the day.

2.  Next, I apply a small amount of Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins™ Mega-Bright Skin tone correcting serum.  I love using this product in the morning, because the formula contains vitamin C and smells like a fresh squeezed cup of orange juice.  It makes my skin feel awake and I like that it contains ingredients to help fade acne scars.  I have started to see an improvement in my skin since I started using this product.

3.  I finish my morning routine with a think layer of Origins Brighter By Nature SPF 35 Skin tone correcting moisturizer.  This moisturizer has a high SPF count, which is important to this Arizona girl.  If you are looking for a matte finish, this is not the moisturizer for you.  This product is think and creamy, and leaves skin with a dewy glow.  I put this on and sit it absorb for about ten minutes before I start to apply my makeup.

4.  At night, I repeat the process with the same cleanser and serum, but I switch my moisturizer.  I received a sample of Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil from Sephora, and it is the perfect night time treatment.  The trick to applying the oil is to put 2-3 drops onto slightly wet hands, then apply it to the face and neck.  I found I was using too much oil when I was putting it on with dry hands and the water also makes it easier to spread over the skin.  I was initially concerned about putting oil on my face, when I still have the occasional breakout.  This product has not increased the frequency of breakouts.  Also, when I use acne spot treatments, I usually end up with flaky skin around the area treated and the oil has helped the dry patches.  I am almost done with this sample and will buy a full size version soon.

5.  I purchased the Josie Maran Argan Infinity Cream when I realized my 100%Pure Argan Oil was almost gone.  I was hoping that the products would be interchangeable, but I still prefer to use the oil at night on my face.  The Infinity Cream is an excellent product in its own right.  If my skin is extra dry, I will use this at night, but be warned that it is a thick cream and takes awhile to absorb.  Use it sparringly.  I really prefer to use this on my neck and then to rub the excess into my cuticles.

6.  Both morning and night, I apply the cleanser using my Clarasonic Mia 2.  I love my Mia!  The brush is gentle and leaves my skin feeling so soft.  I also find that serums and moisturizers absorb into the skin better when I use the Mia.  If you are debating whether to get the Mia or Mia 2, I highly recommend the upgraded Mia 2.  The best feature is the timer, which reminds you every 20 seconds to move to a different part of your face. 

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the above products!

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