July 16, 2013

Travel Tuesday: New York

Several years ago, I traveled to New York with one of my best friends.  We had a blast checking out the amazing museums, shopping and we saw a show on Broadway.  New York is such a magical place, and I feel like our short time there barely even scratched the surface of what the city has to offer.  My most cherished part of the trip was a cruise we took on the Hudson River.  Seeing Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty in person was a very special experience for me.  My grandparents came to the United States from Budapest during World War II, and I know these were among their first sights of their new homeland.  As our boat passed Miss Liberty, I tried to imagine what my grandmother must have felt when she looked at this same sight.  I hope she smiled, knowing that her children, and grandchildren, would live in country of peace and opportunity.  


  1. Lady Liberty looks as lovely as ever. That harbor cruise was a highlight for me too! Especially after seeing the water and city from the top of the ESB the night before.

    1. We really did get to see a lot in such a short amount of time! I have such great memories of it!


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