August 15, 2013

10 Things About Me: Travel Edition

I love Versailles!
Goofing Around at Versailles

1.  As a girl, my dream was to visit Paris.  My first trip to Europe, I got to visit France and England.  I loved Paris, but I left my heart in London.

2.  The first time I went to Versailles outside of Paris, my mom and I took photos in front of a handsome marble gentleman.  When I went again with my sister years later, we recreated the photos for my mom.  It is now a family tradition that anyone going to Versailles must do the same.

3.  On a trip to Scotland with my oldest friend, the one and only thing she insisted we do is climb Arthur's Seat.  This sort of activity usually does not make it onto my travel itinerary.  Turns out, that hike up Arthur's Seat is one of my favorite travel memories.  We arrived at the top of the hill just in time to watch the sun set over Edinburgh, and the view was magical.

4.  I discovered some of my greatest loves while traveling: all things tea, 16th century history, and photography.  I did a study abroad summer session in England to immerse myself in all three.  I expected an amazing experience, and came back with four new friends, too!

5.   The following disasters have been part of my travels:  A mugging, a hotel break-in, a stabbing, a double ear infection and a gall bladder infection.  I wasn't personally mugged or stabbed, so I have not let the other disasters stop the adventure.  C'est la vie!

6.  I have eaten banana-topped pizza in Scotland and wine flavored gummy bears in England.  Both were pretty weird.  My favorite foods eaten: pasties in England, crepes in France, oatmeal in Ireland and gelato in Italy.  Even better are the Victoria Sponge cakes at Marks & Spencer in England.  I dream about this cake.

7.  The most beautiful city I have ever seen is Lucerne, Switzerland.  A close second is Monaco, which is the cleanest and most pristine place.  It looked almost too perfect to be real!  The friendliest people I've met were in Scotland.  The most amazing, diverse and enchanting city is London.  I could spend the rest of my life happily exploring that city!

8. I collect teacups when I travel.  I love the fancy ones from the Queen's Gallery just as much as vintage ones.  And if I can't find a teacup?  Then I bring home a new tea to enjoy long after the trip has ended. 

9.  My travel advice to you:  If you want to go, go!  Go now!  Just wear good shoes.

10.  I am currently day dreaming about visiting somewhere new and different in 2014.  My top picks are Budapest, Morocco or a cruise of the Greek islands.  I can't wait for the next adventure!

At the top of Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh
High Above Edinburgh


  1. Though travel is not my passion; I do know someone who shares your passion. Reading your posts helps me to understand her better.
    I am living my passion (farming), and I am proud of you for living yours. Cheers, bonvoyage and Aloha to you. Just come back soon, because those who love you miss you very much.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Donna. We all have that one driving passion, and finding it is the key of a wonderful life. Once you find it, the sky is the limit! I am so happy to have your sweet daughter as a friend traveling my path with me!! And I promise, neither of us will forget to come home!

      Your comment made me realize I left something important out of my post: why I love to travel and what I get it out of it long after my bags are unpacked. From the first moment I stepped foot on foreign ground, I felt more alive than I ever had before. I felt so removed from my ordinary life and 'problems' that I was able to live in the moment like I never had before. All my senses were heightened, everything different became magical. I travel to get that soul inspiring 'high', and seek a way to bring it home with me. After that uplifting experience, home never feels so good.

      Thanks again for your thought provoking comments!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post! It made me smile because we have so much in common; all the way down to dreaming of Paris as children and falling in love with England as young adults (sharinglifesabundance can attest to that). I knew that she, of all people, would know how much this post sounds like me. I haven't yet traveled as much as you, but I am always planning my next adventure!

    1. Thanks, Mandy. I am so happy to have a friend that 'gets' me!! If we can't actually be traveling, it is almost as fun to share photos, memories, and just talk about the world and all it's possibilities with you. I know we both have so many adventures in our futures, hopefully some together! YOLO, right?! ;)


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