August 29, 2013

Bedroom Restyling

Bedroom Restyle Idea

Bedroom Restyle by whateverislovelier

Lately, I have noticed that my bedroom is a little dark and dreary.  When I moved in to this house, I was thrilled at the chance to paint the walls the perfect shade of grey, hang my grey and white curtains and put my grey West Elm duvet on my bed.  Did I mention that the carpet is grey?  Even adding in some pops of color hasn't done much to help brighten the space.  I think a bedroom makeover is in order.  I put together the above inspiration board to give you an idea of my vision.  First, I want to bring in a white dresser and nightstands to add some contrast against the walls and carpet.  I plan to keep my bed and upholstered headboard, but swap out the bedding for something in the white or cream family.  My beloved turquoise lamps will stay, and I will add in some pops of magenta and green plants.  I'd like to keep my plate wall above my bed (I did finally get those plates hung after a year of thinking about it!), but I will change up the artwork over my dresser to something in white frames.  And did I mention I need to do all of this on a budget?  In the coming weeks, I will be scouring Craigslist and the Target clearance aisles to find just the right pieces on the cheap.  If anyone has any ideas of where to find a fabulous pink upholstered chair, please let me know.  Let Project Brighten Bedroom begin!


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