August 09, 2013

Friday Favorites: Green Giant Healthy Weight Vegetable Blend

Eat Healthy Challenge

I thought I'd finish off our Healthy Eating Week with a bonus Friday Favorites product.  I am obsessed with this Green Giant Healthy Weight vegetable blend.  Of course fresh vegetables are the best, but I like having a few of these handy in the freezer at home and at work.  This blend contains high-fiber black beans, sugar snap peas, edamame and carrots with a touch of butter and steams in the microwave for three and a half minutes.  If you think I'm crazy for sharing my favorite frozen veggies with you, just know this: they are THAT good!  

Well, that's all for Healthy Eating Week.  Here's to keeping up the clean eating routine, and making good choices MOST of the time!  It is all about moderation!

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