August 20, 2013

Travel Tuesday: Venice


I've only spent one day in Venice.  One hot summer day during the height of tourist season.  The crowds were thick and claustrophobic.  The sun glared down bleaching the stone buildings a blinding white.  My sister and I dodged vendors hawking cheap souvenirs every few feet.  This day in Venice was one of my most challenging travel days.  We were both hot and miserable, but neither of us wanted to miss this chance to explore one of the most mysterious cities in the world.  So we drank a ton of water to stay hydrated and took turns propping each other up so we wouldn't faint and fall into the canal.  We saw the lovely Doge's Palace, as intricately carved as fine lace.  We crossed dozens of the bridges that make this island city impossible to navigate.  We even took a gondola down the Grand Canal, enjoying the views of both royal and humble abodes equally water stained by the changing tide.  Despite the discomforts, this was truly a memorable day.   I hope I get a chance to revisit the city.  Off-season.  


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