September 11, 2013

Looking Forward to Fall

Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites by whateverislovelier 

Let's be honest, fall is still a long way off in Arizona. But the calendar says it's close, so this girl is starting to look forward to fall!  Here is what I'm most looking forward to:
  1. Drinking copious amounts of hot tea.  Preferably Kusmi or Harney and Sons Tea (which is now sold at Target!)
  2. Wearing dark nail polish.  This summer has been all about brights and neon colors, but nothing looks better on my nails than a dark grey.  I'm loving Butter London's  dark colors, like the new Blagger blue and my old favorite Chimney Sweep grey, pictured above.
  3. Scarfs!  I miss wearing them all summer long.
  4. Cozy sweaters.  There's nothing better than a chill in the air and a cozy sweater.
  5. Boots.  Tall or short.  Flat or heeled.  Boots make any outfit look chic.
Until the weather changes here, you will find me day dreaming about the above.  I can't wait for fall!  What are you most looking forward to when the season changes?


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