October 11, 2013

Friday Favorites: Paris Tea Blend by Harney & Sons

Paris Tea Blend by Harney & Sons

If you haven't figured it out by now, I love tea.  I can't resist buying any new brand or flavor of tea I see, so you can imagine that I have tried a lot of teas.  When I tell you that Paris by Harney & Sons is my absolute favorite tea blend, you can be sure I've done plenty of research!

I first tasted Paris years ago while having afternoon tea at The Rittz-Carlton, Phoenix.  Jeffrey, their amazing Tea Sommelier, then featured Harney & Sons teas on his menu and recommended the Paris blend.  I fell in love at the first sip, and ordered more online the very next day.  Since then, I always keep a supply and it is my go-to tea to serve at my tea parties.

Paris is a blend of three black teas, combined with caramel, black currants and a hint of vanilla.  There is a strong aroma of caramel and currants.  The taste is rich, sweet and fruity.  The black tea is caffeinated and has a medium body.  This tea is delicious as is, but I prefer it with some half and half and sugar. 

You can order this tea online at the Harney & Sons website.  I have also recently seen it at Barnes and Noble.  Target has started selling the brand, but I have yet to see Paris on the shelves there.  Paris makes a great gift for any tea-lover, or just indulge and get some for yourself.  I am sure you will love it!


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