October 09, 2013

Recipe: Cranberry Orange Tea Lattes

For years I enjoyed tea lattes made at cafes, but never considered making one myself at home.  I figured that like my coffee lattes, a fancy machine was required to make the beverage so rich and creamy.  Turns out all I needed to make a tea latte myself was some vanilla flavored powder!  The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf sells an amazing French Deluxe Vanilla Powder in a large tin and in single serving size packets. 

I'm throwing an Autumn Tea Party this weekend and I thought it would be fun to serve a seasonal tea latte.  I selected Harney & Sons Cranberry Autumn tea to make these Cranberry Orange Tea Lattes.  Below is my recipe for the drink.  Making the lattes in a hot beverage maker is an easy way to serve your guests these fancy drinks!

- Harney & Sons Cranberry Autumn Tea (or tea of your choice)
- Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf French Deluxe Vanilla Powder (or another vanilla powder)
- water
- pitcher
- hot beverage maker or milk frother

Directions for a large batch of lattes:
- Brew a pitcher of tea as instructed on the tea tin.  When hosting a party, I brew the tea the night before and keep the pitcher in the refrigerator until I am ready to make the drinks.
- Fill a hot beverage maker with tea and two packets or two scoop of the vanilla powder.  If you like your lattes extra creamy and rich, double the amount of powder.  The machine will heat and blend the drink.  My machine even has a froth button that will add a lovely layer of foam at the top of your cup.
- Serve and enjoy!

Directions for a single latte:
- Brew a cup of tea as instructed on the tea tin.
- Add a tablespoon of vanilla powder, or to taste.
- Use a handheld milk frother to blend the latte and create a head of foam.
- Enjoy!

**  If you don't want to use this particular tea blend, adapt the recipe with another flavor or brand of tea.  I have made the same recipe using various flavored teas, and they all turn out delicious.   Last winter, I couldn't drink enough Almond Green Tea Lattes.  This recipe is also very good with Black Currant Tea or other fruit flavored black teas. **

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