March 16, 2014

Let the Adventure Begin!

Let the Adventure Begin!

If there is one thing you should know about me, it's that nothing makes me happier than travel, especially when it's foreign travel.  I love every part of the process, from deciding where to go, to planning and plotting out every detail of the itinerary.  That said, I also really enjoy taking a tour where someone else worries about the details and I can sit back and savor every minute of the travel experience.  I am very excited to say that the next adventure has been decided,  I am heading to central Europe in November with my sister!  Our grandparents immigrated to the US from Hungary after World War II, and we have always been curious to see this country we have heard so much about.  For years, we have debated heading to Budapest and spending a week in Hungary versus taking a tour of the region and seeing other cities like Prague and Vienna.  We decided there is no time like the present and opted to take a 11 day, 10 night guided tour.  Why are we so excited?  I'll give you six reasons:

                                                                 1.  Munich
                                                                 2.  Nuremberg
                                                                 3.  Prague
                                                                 4.  Vienna
                                                                 5.  Budapest
                                                                 6.  Salzburg

We have about two days in each city, so our time is limited but what a great way to see so many amazing cities in one trip.  Part of each day will be planned for us, but we will have free time as well to get out on our own and explore.  If you have any suggestions for any of these cities, please let me know!  Our trip departs at the end of November, so we also have the opportunity to visit the Christmas Markets is each city.  Doesn't that sound festive?!  I'm so happy the next eight months will be spent looking forward to and planning this new travel adventure!


  1. How fun! Can't wait to hear about your planning of your trip over the next 8 months!

  2. This sounds really exciting! Lots of new photo opportunities too :)

    1. Travel is always so inspiring, isn't it? I can't wait to get there and play with my camera!

  3. I am proud to admit that you inherited your travel lust from me! Can't wait to hear about your adventures!


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